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Round Snap-Lock Containers

Round Snap-Lock Containers

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Round Snap-Lock polypropylene (PP) containers are designed to provide the perfect environment for your cultures. It features tamper-evident security, letting you and your lab personnel know if a product has been tampered with. 

Designed with autoclavable material, the container can be sterilized and reused multiple times in tissue culture experiments. The lightweight and transparency of the Round-Snap container make it ideal for easy transportation of your cultures, excellent light transmission, and high durability. 

How to Use Snap Lock Containers

  1. We recommend autoclaving the snap lock containers stacked, empty, and wrapped in autoclave bags.
  2. After the containers are autoclaved, fill them with media under a laminar hood.

NOTE:  Do not autoclave the containers filled with media; the plastic will distort.

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Customer Reviews

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Better than anything else I found on the internet.

These are nice and clear so you can see your cultures. The bottoms are flat so that when the media is filled it's the same thickness all the way across. The lids snap on nice and clean. I will order again.

Feature Autoclavable, Reusable, and Lightweight
Capacity 200ml
Shape Round container
Material Polypropylene (PP) Body, Polypropylene Cover
Color transparent
Cap Included