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Kinetin Solution 1mg/1ml

Kinetin Solution 1mg/1ml

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Kinetin is a synthetic cytokinin that stimulates cell division when added to growth media such as Murashige and Skoog media in conjunction with auxins.

The Benefits of Kinetin

  • Easy to use
  • Helps to stimulate cell division and promote the proper growth of plants.
  • Use to supplement tissue culture media, such as MS media
  • Induces callus development and shoot initiation from the callus at its later stage

How To Use Kinetin Solution

Follow the given steps to prepare the tissue culture media using PCT’s Kinetin solution:

  1. Prepare liquid tissue culture media using PCT’s MS or DKW media, or any other alternative media based on your plant. 
  2. Add sugar based on the quantity of media you’re making (generally for 1-liter media 30 grams of sugar is added), 1 ml/L PPM, and 3-4 grams per liter of gellan gum or 6-8 grams per liter of agar.
  3. Then, add the desired quantity of the plant hormone.
  4. Autoclave the medium for 20 minutes at 15 psi and 121℃.

Your media is ready!

Product Information

Product NameKinetin Solution
Synonyms6-Furfurylaminopurine, N6-Furfuryladenine
Molecular FormulaC10H9N5O
CAS No.525-79-1
Capacity100 mL
AppearanceColorless Liquid

Shipping and Storage

Shelf Life See expiry date on the bottle
Shipping & Storage Keep in a tightly closed container and store in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated area.
Storage Temp 2 to 6°C (Freeze)
HTS Code 3808.93.0000


  • Used for shoot induction and proliferation
  • In some plants, kinetin can help break bud dormancy.
  • Kinetin helps maintain the health and viability of plant tissues during long-term culture by promoting cell division and delaying senescence.
  • Kinetin is often used in combination with auxin to create a hormonal balance that optimizes root and shoot development.
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Christine Larocca
Must get

This is a must along with MS , I love all products from this company ?