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Gellan Gum

Gellan Gum

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Solidifying agents play a crucial role in tissue culture media by providing the necessary support to hold cells, tissues, or explants in place and ensure they receive optimal nutrients for growth and development.

Gellan gum, an anionic polysaccharide, is employed as a replacement for agar in various clinical bacteriological and plant tissue culture media. Its structural composition comprises a repeating tetrasaccharide unit, including two D-glucose residues, one L-rhamnose residue, and one D-glucuronic acid residue.

It is an excellent alternative for nutrient media in plant tissue culture, yielding a clearer and more transparent gel than agar. Additionally, it requires only half the concentration of agar typically used in tissue culture media.

The Benefits of Gellan Gum

  • Easy to use
  • Acts as a solid support for the growth and development of explants
  • Allows the absorption of nutrients by the plant cells
  • The transparency of the gel allows one to clearly see the development of roots or contamination from the start.
  • Cost-effective

How To Use Gellan Gum

Follow the steps below to prepare 1 liter of tissue culture media using PCT’s Gellan Gum:

  1. Take a beaker and add 800 ml of distilled water to it.
  2. To the water add PCT’s MS Media (or alternative media) 4.54 grams, 30 grams of sugar, and PPM™ (generally 1-2 ml/L).
  3. Make up the volume of the media to 1000ml. 
  4. Adjust the pH of the media between 5.4-5.8.
  5. Add 3-4 g/L of PCT’s Gellan Gum to the media and keep stirring.
  6. Autoclave the medium for 20 minutes at 15 psi and 121℃.

Your media is ready!

Product Information

Product NameGellan Gum
SynonymsPhytagel, Gelzan
CAS No.71010-52-1
CapacityAvailable in different weights of 100gm, 500gm, 1Kg, and 5Kg
ShapeCylindrical container
ColorOff White
Strength>900 GM/CM^2

Shipping and Storage

Shelf Life See expiry date on the bottle
Storage Temperature 20-22 °C
HTS Code 1302.39.00

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Gellan Gum is used in doses ranging between 0.2% (2g/L) to 0.4% (4g/L) (w/v) to solidify plant tissue culture media.

Gellan Gum is used as a microbial solid culturing medium.

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Jenny Munoz V
excelent product

Excellent product. The culture medium remains transparent and with good consistency