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"The Mini" - Portable Laminar Flow Hood

"The Mini" - Portable Laminar Flow Hood

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Introducing "The Mini," our compact portable laminar flow hood. This innovative device includes a pre-filter alongside a standard HEPA filter, designed for efficient capture of large particles to micro-pollutants.

Illuminate your workspace with dual lamp modes, offering versatile lighting options for precise work. Whether you require focused illumination or broader coverage, our dual lamp system adapts to your specific needs.


  • Dual fan design actively maintains a clean environment, crucial for sterile conditions in laboratory settings.
  • Replaceable HEPA filters ensure ongoing efficiency and easy maintenance, minimizing workflow interruptions.

"The Mini" is engineered to enhance tissue culture processes with reliable performance, tailored for modern laboratory environments.

Discover the convenience of "The Mini" laminar flow hood today.

Product Information

  • Dimension of Unit:
    • 14.37in/36mm Height
    • 7.48in/190mm Depth
    • 16.54in/420mm Width
  • Tray Extension:
    • 7.87in/200mm Depth
    • 16.54in/420mmWidth
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Voltage: 110v

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Very Practical, easy to carry around my house and work wherever I want!