How Can You Best Utilize The Biocoupler™ Bundle?
14 Mar 2023

How Can You Best Utilize The Biocoupler™ Bundle?

Anjali Singh, MS

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Anjali Singh, MS
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The Biocoupler™ Buzz…

It’s not even been a year and the Biocoupler™ has started catching the attention of tissue culturists worldwide.

The simplicity and ease of operating the device and its effectiveness in producing hundreds of plants with no complex setups have made it the most desirable instrument in home-based or small-scale tissue culture labs.

As we say, Biocoupler™ is one of the simplest forms of temporary immersion bioreactor available today in the market. What makes it different from the other temporary immersion devices are:

  • No electricity requirement
  • Easy operations, such as just tilting once or twice a day manually to immerse your plants in nutrients
  • No damages to plants as agitation is not involved or required.
  • Simple setup
  • Requires less area on your shelf
  • Just need two jars to run the experiments
  • Can be used in home-based labs and can be sterilized in even microwaves!

And, you will be shocked to find more advantages when you work with the equipment.

To make the use of the Biocoupler™ easier for you, we have also curated a Biocoupler™ bundle for you. This bundle is all you need for multiplying your plants in vitro. But, how to use it, what does it contain, and how it can benefit you?

Find the answers to all of these questions in this article!

What is Biocoupler™ Bundle?

A Biocoupler™ bundle is a small kit containing all you need with Biocoupler™ to run your tissue culture experiment. The bundle is curated to cut down the time you invest in buying each chemical by giving you everything in one package!

The PCT Biocoupler™ Bundle contains:

  • 6 Biocoupler™ Glass Sets: The kit contains six sets of glass vessels and a Biocoupler™ to assist in your experiment. To give you an idea, you can multiply 50-100 plants in one vessel, so in 6 you can obtain up to 600 plants. Isn’t it fascinating that the 6 vessels acquiring just 1/4th of space on your shelf contain over 600 plants!!
  • 30 mL of Plant Preservative Mixture (PPM™): Is contamination a major issue in your lab? PPM got you covered! Though the Biocoupler™ is efficient in itself to prevent contamination in your cultures by providing an optimum environment. But, mixing your media with PPM provides all-round protection to your plants, against fungi, bacteria, mold, or any other contaminants. You only need 1-2 ml PPM per liter of media. So, 30 ml PPM can be used to prepare 15 L media.
  • 10L of MS Media: Every organism needs proper nutrients and vitamins to grow and develop. So do plants growing in natural conditions and so do your lab-grown plants. MS media contains all the nutrients and vitamins your plants need to develop organs and grow healthy in lab conditions.

What’s Most Exciting About Biocoupler™ System?

Here’s the star feature of the Biocoupler™ system and how it can benefit you in your tissue culture experiment.

Highlights of the Biocoupler™ Glass Set

  • Resistant to repeated high-temperature autoclave cycles
  • Autoclavable
  • Virtually unbreakable in regular use
  • Microporous vent filter, helping prevent contamination
  • Space and time efficient
  • Glass jars perfectly suiting to the Biocouplers™
  • Contains everything you need to multiply plants in tissue culture

Advantages of Biocoupler™ Glass Set

  • Widely used in tissue culture application
  • Can multiply plants in hundreds and thousands of number
  • Successfully tested for a wide range of plants, including orchids, cannabis, aquatics, succulents, ferns, and carnivorous plants.
  • No stress and wasting time on finding a suitable jar that fits the Biocupler™
  • No wastage of time and effort on buying individual products for your tissue culture experiment

How To Use Biocoupler Bundle?

This is easy!

The bundle contains everything you need to grow plants in the Biocoupler™ system, including MS media, PPM, and glass vessels. Thus what you need is to learn only to prepare liquid media using the device. You don’t even need to use agar for this process.

Follow the given steps to best utilize the Biocoupler™ in your tissue culture application:

  • Prepare liquid tissue culture media using PCT’s MS media and add sugar based on the quantity of media you’re making (generally for 1-liter media, 30 grams of sugar is added). (DO NOT add Agar).
  • Take the Biocoupler™ and connect the two jars, that come with it, at their two ends.
  • Measure 200 ml of prepared MS media.
  • Open one side of the Biocoupler and add the measured 200 ml media to it.
  • As you have prepared 1000 ml media, so can prepare a set of 5 Biocoupler™ with 200 ml MS media each.
  • After filling the jars, close the Biocoupler™ loosely and autoclave them!

Open the Biocoupler™ under the laminar hood after autoclaving and transfer your plants into it. That’s it!

Biocoupler is the most simple and easy idea to grow your plant business by scaling up your plant production. So, what you’re waiting for, get your Biocoupler™ TODAY!


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