So What Are The PCT Consultation Services All About?
14 Jan 2022

So What Are The PCT Consultation Services All About?

Anjali Singh

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What does Plant Cell Technology Mean to Tissue Culturists?

For years, you have known plant cell technology (PCT) as one of the best tissue culture material providers in the world. We have strived to always bring to you innovative solutions for your tissue culture problems.

It is a one-stop-shop for tissues culturists to purchase all their tissue culture requirements, which can get their experiments going. Its extensive range of product portfolio includes:

PCT is meticulously working over the years to understand the needs and challenges faced by the culturists and present an effective and affordable solution.

For example, its PPM is one of its trademark products, which is an all-around solution for almost all contamination problems. It’s the only product like itself available in the market.

What makes it unique?

  • PPM prevents all airborne, waterborne, or human transferred contaminants from invading your cultures.
  • It’s only required in between 1-2 ml per liter of the media. (The concentration can be optimized based on the severity level of infection.
  • It can be autoclaved with tissue culture media.

Similarly, PCT’s other product, the Biocoupler(TM) is the simplest temporary immersion reactor available in the market. It allows all sizes of culturists from, small-commercial scale, to perform their tissue culture experiments in the most convenient possible way.

Unlike DIY temporary immersion bioreactors, it doesn’t require assembling several pieces. Its benefits include:

  • Simplest temporary immersion bioreactor
  • Allow even commercial scale culturing
  • Affordable price
  • Easy operation
  • Easily autoclavable
  • Do not require electricity to run

As aforementioned innovative products and solutions, PCT has brought its unique consultation solution for all the culturists worldwide. No, size and location don’t matter!

Let’s understand what’s this fuss about and what does it bring to you? And, if it's even suitable and effective for you or not!!

PCT Consultation Service

Tissue culture is an advanced and revolutionary technique. It allowed industrialists and scientists to create a variety of plants, conserve the plant species that are getting extinct, and produce disease-free plants. It provided a way to mass-produce plants and fulfill the market demands. All without compromising or damaging the present population of plants.

Using the technique is easy, however, the challenging part is creating a protocol for plants, even for expert culturists and scientists. Nevertheless, thousands of scientists are working on creating an efficient tissue culture protocol for plants high in demands or crops or endangered plants.

After getting a protocol, contamination is the biggest challenge in implementing the procedure. And, this part is tricky. Because one infected plant can spoil your whole culture of thousands of plants. However, if you are an expert and you have time and money, gradually you overcome the problem.

But, what if you’re a beginner and you don’t have much money and time to offer to the process. You’re just a hobbyist.

For beginners, enthusiasts, and hobbyists, plant cell technology is their partner in the process. The PCT consultation services help them to instantly get the solution to their problems.

Irrespective of your challenge, PCT consultation experts will help you on the way, until you achieve your desired results.

Currently, the topics included in the consultation service includes:

  • Licensing
  • Equipment
  • Strain and grow optimization
  • Harvest and Distribution
  • Residential versus commercial growing challenges, and many more.

Broadly, PCT consultation services are categorized into three groups:

  • PCT Cannabis Consulting Intro

This program is suitable for Cannabis culturists. If you are starting your cannabis tissue culture lab or you are already an expert in the area, however, you want us to introduce the technique and cannabis culture method to the professionals of your organization, then you can go for this program.

You can schedule a call with our resident expert, Yoni. And, on-call he will walk you through the processes and present you the approaches curated specially for the challenges of your organization. This might also, involve an on-site visit to the organization if working on a commercial scale.

  • PCT Intro Consultation

This service suits beginners. If you’re someone who has little knowledge about tissue culture or no knowledge at all. However, you are inspired by the idea of tissue culture plants and want to start one of your own labs, then you can book a call with PCT right away!

PCT’s tissue culture experts will help you to understand the process and provide you with effective solutions to your specific problems.

  • PCT Consultation with Francisco Palacios (PCT lab director and tissue culture expert)

This service suits any type of culturist. If you’re someone who is starting out his lab and need some expert advice, someone stuck at any particular stage of tissue culture, or someone wants some suggestions over a particular tissue culture issue, then this is the best solution for your problems.

Francisco Palacios, lab director and a tissue culture experience with more than 13 years of experience will help to find a solution to your problems using his experience in the area and suggest you the best for your tissue culture challenges.

Modes of Consultation

There are two modes or types of consultation:

  • One-on-One Phone Call: Here, you can book a one-on-one phone call with one of our tissue culture experts who will walk you through the approaches to your tissue culture problems. You can talk about topics likes Licensing, Equipment, Strain and grow optimization, Harvest and Distribution, Residential versus commercial growing challenges, and many more.
  • On-site Visit: This is for commercial-scale cannabis culturists. The on-site service will involve:
  1. Blueprint, Budget, & Equipment
  2. Media Preparation
  3. Micropropagation (like how to select, surface sterilize, and induce nodes into media for removal of surface pathogens and in vitro cloning applications)
  4. Meristem Dissection (to eliminate viruses like HpLvd, Cannabis Cryptic Virus, Lettuce Chlorosis Virus, and more)
  5. Synthetic Seed and Cryopreservation
  6. Pathogen Remediation by Media Amendments (how to remove viruses, systemic fungi, bacterial infections, and endophytes)
  7. Gender and Pathogen Screening by PCR (to eliminate male plants, identify cannabinoid ratios, and protect your mother plants from pathogens and pests)

Want to learn more about PCT consultation services? Visit

And, choose to book a call for your tissue culture problems right away!

Happy Culturing!

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