Say Goodbye to Manual Flipping: Introducing the BioTilt™ for Automated Tissue Culture!
28 May 2024

Say Goodbye to Manual Flipping: Introducing the BioTilt™ for Automated Tissue Culture!

Anjali Singh, MS

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Anjali Singh, MS
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The Revolutionary BioTilt™ and the Evolution of Biocouplers™

Bioreactors have long been a staple in efficiently multiplying tissue culture plants, yet traditional models often present complexities and high costs, particularly challenging for medium-to-small-scale culturists and hobbyists.

This led us to develop the Biocoupler™—the market's simplest temporary immersion bioreactor.

Upon its launch, the Biocoupler™ was met with resounding success, aiding thousands of tissue culturists worldwide in overcoming scalability challenges.

Remarkably, it enabled the production of hundreds of plantlets from a small jar, drastically boosting business profitability.

We have even produced over 500 plants using one single Biocoupler™!

Pretty incredible, isn't it?

Now, why are we diving into the topic of Biocouplers™?

Understanding the success of the Biocoupler™ is crucial as it sheds light on the why we created the BioTilt™ in the first place, highlighting its functionality and problem-solving capabilities.

Read on to learn about their connection and how they complement each other.

What Is The Biocoupler™ and What Does It Do?


The Biocoupler™ simplifies the multiplication of plants.

Simply attach a mason jar on each side, add liquid media, and by tilting the jars a few times daily, your tissue culture operation is underway.

Our research confirms the Biocoupler™'s efficacy with various species, including orchids and Venus fly traps, though customers report success across a broader range of plants, including Philodendrons, Monstera, succulents, callus work, and even synthetic seed sprouting!

Here is a video on our YouTube Channel that teaches you how to make liquid media for the BioCoupler™:


teaching a beginner how to make liquid plant tissue culture media for the biocoupler™


For over a year now, we've dedicated ourselves to extensive R&D efforts, diligently testing the compatibility of Biocoupler™ with a wide range of plant species. The results have been consistently positive, showcasing its perfect fit for many in vitro applications.

While the Biocoupler™ solved the issue of: 

  • Multiplication
  • Space problems due to traditional bulky bioreactors
  • Operational complexity

The product had one limitation: Manual tilting of the jars to dip explant for a couple of seconds in the media to provide nutrition. 

This led our R&D team at Plant Cell Technology to develop a solution that automates the process and frees our culturists for their remaining essential tissue culture tasks: The BioTilt™


Introducing The BioTilt™

With The BioTilt™, scaling up doesn’t mean scaling up your workload.

This revolutionary device automates the rotation of your Biocouplers™ at precisely timed intervals, optimizing growth conditions and boosting plant multiplication, all without you lifting a finger.

meet the stackable fully automated temporary immersion bioreactor system the BioTilt™


Operate it manually or control it remotely through a mobile app. The BioTilt™ is designed to make your life easier. It's stackable, robust, and fits seamlessly into any lab environment, big or small.

Here’s a list of all essential innovative features BioTilt™ offers and their benefits:

  • Accommodates up to 25 Biocouplers™ per stack: BioTilt™ is ideal for both small-scale and large-scale operations due to its high capacity. Furthermore, its modular design allows for flexible stacking.
  • Modular design for flexible stacking: Customize your setup to fit your space and needs by easily interlocking and arranging BioTilt™ units like building blocks. Consequently, this enables you to optimize workflow.
  • Optimizes workflow: Effortlessly arrange units to create the most efficient workflow for your specific needs. As a result, BioTilt™ is adaptable for various plants and production scales.
  • Adaptable for various plants and production scales: BioTilt™ can be adjusted to accommodate different plant types and production requirements. This translates to seamless integration into any cultivation environment.
  • Seamless integration into any cultivation environment: BioTilt™'s design allows it to fit into greenhouses or labs of any size.
the biotilt specs


    Working with a few Biocouplers™ is easy and can be operated manually without much hassle.

    However, managing hundreds of Biocouplers™ manually?

    That means a lot of flipping, every day, which can be as tiring as it sounds.

    That is where the BioTilt™ helps you scale your business efficiently with the power of the Biocoupler™. 

    How to Use BioTilt™

    BioTilt™ boasts a modular designallowing you to stack up to 25 Biocouplers™ on a single unit. Consequently, for ultimate convenience, operate the entire system through a user-friendly phone app – just a click away! Alternatively, a dedicated button is also included for the tilting process.

    In simpler terms, all you need for complete BioTilt™ automation is your phone and a Wi-Fi connection.

    Watch the full video reveal about the BioTilt™ here:

    Now, a question that might naturally arise is what app do you need to install?

    The answer lies within the user manual that comes with the device.

    It will meticulously guide you through all the steps that you need to follow to connect your device with BioTilt™.

    However, if you face any troubles while connecting your device to your phone, feel free to contact our amazing team at info@plantcelltechnology.


    How Can You Acquire The BioTilt™?

    Obtaining a BioTilt™ is straightforward!

    Just fill out this form on our website with your details, and our team will help integrate this innovative system into your lab, enhancing your tissue culture operations.

    After receiving your form, our team will assist you in integrating this cutting-edge technology into your operations.

    Whether you're expanding your existing setup or building a new one, the BioTilt™ is designed to scale as your business grows.

    The BioTilt™ represents a significant leap forward in bioreactor technology, providing an automated, scalable, and efficient solution that stands to redefine plant tissue culture.

    With its revolutionary features and user-friendly design, the BioTilt™ is set to be the next big thing in bioreactors, ensuring that tissue culturists can achieve more, with less effort and greater return on investment.

    Join us at Plant Cell Technology as we continue to push the boundaries of what's possible in the world of tissue culture.


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