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I highly recommend Plant Cell Technology for your MS and PPM products for multiple reasons... Firstly the products are extremely potent and high quality and fresh because my plants are responding extremely well! Secondly customer service is extremely helpful and will help you with anything you need help with with nutrients or liquid mediums or whatever it is there's always someone there to help us with every question and any situation! Third of all the delivery is super fast and it gets packaged very well with mixing instructions and storing instructions and everything you can possibly think of, plant cell technology makes sure that their clients receive the best possible quality product and the best experience when shopping on their website! I absolutely love them and I highly recommend them to anyone including my friends.

Yuriy Boltyan Plant Cell Technology Customer
Google Review

PCT has always been at top of fulfilling my tissue culture requirements, helping with my questions and queries, and providing valuable resources on tissue culture. Being a beginner I couldn't think of any other company that could help me get started with the process. Appreciate PCT products and their customer service.

Swaranjali Singh Plant Cell Technology Customer
Google Review

I am very grateful to have found PPM. In the past I was averaging a 70% contamination rate. Since using PPM I'm holding steady at a 5% contamination rate.

Tyler Plant Cell Technology Customer
Google Review

Talk about making tissue culture a breeze!!! I haven't had any contamination problem since I started using ppm! Good prices and fast shipping! Keep up the awesome work!

Andrew Koehler Plant Cell Technology Customer
Google Review

Quick shipping and amazing customer service as well as competitive pricing. Highly recommended to anyone looking to reduce the contamination possibilities. Opened up my package and they even tossed in a free shirt, only thing I wish is that it would have been a little bigger size so I could rep it out and about.

Taylor Plant Cell Technology Customer
Google Review

Cuando comence los cultivos invitro en mi casa, tuve que buscar un agente protector que ayudara a evitar la contaminación del medio de cultivo, así fue como di con este maravilloso producto. Lo mejor es que no tienes que abrir tus frascos autoclavados para agregar bactericidas o fungicidas, PPM lo podía autoclavar con el medio y eso fue lo mejor. Soy técnico agrícola profesional y recomiendo totalmente el uso de PPM para el cultivo invitro de plantas.

Alvaro Araya Lopez Plant Cell Technology Customer
Google Review

PPM is amazing! You can use it for seed sterilization and end that headache of bleach dilutions! The PCT team is also incredible, amazing customer service!

Rachel Lopez Plant Cell Technology Customer
Google Review

Awesome shop awesome website great pricing great service. Best place to get into the future of growing plants with tissue culture technology. Start up kit can't be beaten for the price it's the best way to learn this amazing technology for yourself.

Michael Lazar Plant Cell Technology Customer
Google Review

I am a beginner hobbyist in Plant tissue culture and this PPM has made life so much easier, which a greatly decreased contamination rate. Really quick shipping and super helpful when Ive had questions.

Deb Williams Plant Cell Technology Customer
Google Review

I had to unexpectedly flask an orchid green seed capsule with no access to an autoclave, laminar flow cabinet or glove box, I used only rudimentary sterilizing techniques and PPM. No contamination after nearly four weeks. Amazing!

Laurent. L Plant Cell Technology Customer
Google Review

So just to test the ability of the PPM to resist microbial contaminants - I dosed two plates of media, one with and one without, with several drops of actively aerated compost tea. In 7 days the plate without PPM was entirely overrun with fungi and bacteria - the plate with PPM has had zero visible growth at 1ml/l. Every culture I have placed in PPM media - has had no problems with unwanted contamination. Some magic stuff here.

James Plant Cell Technology Customer
Google Review

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We have been associated with Plant Cell Technology(PCT)  for more than a decade. We have a wonderful experience working along with the PCT team and promoting their excellent product line of plant tissue culture consumables, including the flagship product, PPM ( Plant Preservative Media). Through PCT's outstanding support, we have been able to help numerous plant tissue culture labs across the globe in finding solutions to their exogenous and endogenous contamination problems . PPM is a simple yet brilliant product for plant tissue culture labs that helps customers minimize or even eliminate the need of using antibiotics in most plant tissue cultures. As our list of satisfied users for PPM continues to grow, we aspire that the benefits of PPM are availed by each and every plant tissue culture lab across all the markets that we serve.

Diagnovation Technologies Inc.

We have been a distributor for Plant Cell Technologies for over a year and our clients love their PPM product for their research. Their customer service is excellent. We look forward having many years to come with them as our supplier for ther PPM solution.

Eric Michell Président de Phyto Sciences Distribution

It's nice to be in business with Plant Cell Technology. PPM is a great product that is highly appreciated by many customers in Benelux and other countries in Europe! More and more customers are discovering the good effects of this product in their TC applications.

Eric D’Haese Lab Consult

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