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Square Culture Vessels

Square Culture Vessels

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Our 10x200ml Square Culture Vessels, are the perfect solution for efficient and reliable cell culture. Comparable to GA-7 Vessels Magenta Boxes, these vessels offer premium quality and performance at a competitive price. With a square design for optimal space utilization, transparent construction for easy monitoring, and compatibility with various cell culture techniques, they're ideal for researchers across fields.

How to Use Square Culture Vessels

  • Fill the square culture vessels with the required amount of media and cover them with their caps.
  • Autoclave the square culture vessels for 20 minutes at 15 psi and 121℃.
  • Let the vessels cool down, and the media solidify.
  • Transfer your plants to the media under a laminar hood. 

Product Information

FeatureAutoclavable, Reusable and Lightweight
ShapeSquare container
MaterialPolycarbonate Body, Polypropylene Cover
Width3.00 In
Height3.80 In
Diameter3.00 In

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Customer Reviews

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super worthwhile upgrade for beginners

I'm learning tissue culture as a home hobby and have suffered the joys of sourcing suitable vessels. Sure, I've located the deli container, the to-go box, the condiment cup. Boy do I hate throwing them away when they invariably show contamination. The GA-7 vessels are reusable, autoclavable, and do the job better than any substitute. Visibility is way greater and the containers just look good. Your plantlets stack nicely, you can see them beautifully, and no trash need be involved.