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A “One-Stop Store” to all Your “Plant Tissue Culture” Needs

Who are we?

A leading organization since 1995 in the Plant Tissue Culture Industry.

We develop, produce, and market innovative solutions for plant tissue culture operations globally. Our well-researched, certified, and trusted products keep your cultures healthy.

  • Our mission is to make tissue culture chemicals and equipment more affordable and accessible to customers of all sizes and experiences.
  • “Quality” is at the center of everything we do and with this value, we have earned the trust of thousands of labs and organizations working on tissue culture.

Our Pet-Plant Story

The beginning of PCT.

In 1993, Plant Cell Technology ( PCT ) began to market a fun and interactive toy called “Pet Plant”. Pet Plant was a live plant growing in tissue culture media that parents and children could nurture and watch grow.

The toy was a hit, but it had one problem: contamination. Many of the pet plants would become contaminated with fungus, bacteria, and mold.

After a year of research and tests of solutions in our lab, in collaboration with Dr. Assaf Guri, we developed an all-rounder anti-contamination solution called Plant Preservative Mixture (PPM™).

Since then, our mission is to help thousands of people, in tissue culture organization, by providing innovative quality products and services and solve all the tissue culture challenges.

Our Work & Reach

Keeping our promises by providing you best products in plant tissue culture industry.

Our passion is to serve the passion of our customers and for this we are constantly striving to improve our services and products for your best experimenting experience.

Our products are:
  • Well-researched
  • EPA Certified & regulated
  • Best Price
  • Easy to use
  • Long-time storage
Global Reach of our products to:
  • Commercial labs
  • Research Labs
  • Nurseries

Our Featured Products

What our Customer says about PCT!

“When I began in vitro cultures, I needed to find a protectant that would help prevent contamination in my Media. Then this marvellous product came along! Even better, there is no need to open the containers to be autoclaved against bacteria and Fungi, PPM can be autoclaved with the Media, and that was the best part. I ‘am a professional agricultural technician and I totally recommend using PPM to cultivate in-vitro plants.” -- @shiner420tc

“To date, PPM is the only biocide that has made it possible for me to recover contaminated cultures and clean them to establish their culture. It’s a keystone of keeping my business growing towards being a legitimate tissue culture lab.” --Michael

“It does help a lot to get quick results, it will encourage you to keep working in the lab with new plants. Only 1cc/L added to the culture made a big difference in the contamination rate.” – Eliseo Teson

Meet our leaders

Dr. Assaf Guri

Principal Scientist

Dr. Guri holds degrees in genetics, applied genetics and plant breeding from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and Michigan State University in the US.

Before joining PCT, he also worked with the Volcani Agricultural Research Center in Israel, Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan and the DNAP in New Jersey.

Yoni Kalin

VP of Operations & Business Development

Yoni Kalin joined Plant Cell Technology in June 2018. With a background in international trade compliance and business development Yoni is expanding the company’s international distribution network and product offerings.

During Yoni’s tenure, PCT has built and operated two tissue culture labs, added 13 SKU offerings, and increased global sales by 60%.Yoni received a Bachelors in Business Administration (BBA) from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan.

Francisco Palacios

Lab Director

Palacios holds a degree in Plant Molecular Genetics from the University of Tennessee.

At PCT he tests the capabilities of PPM™, various gelling agents, along with a selection of complimentary products that will be added to our line of products in the near future.

Stephanie Wilson

Director of Operations

Stephanie joined Plant Cell Technology in 2019 . Stephanie holds a B.A. in Hospitality Administration and Management from Johnson & Wales University.

She collaborates closely with the production, quality strategy, and provides oversight and direction to the organization.


Researcher & Content contributor 

Anjali is a researcher and scientific writer at PlantCellTechnology. She has done her Masters from the University of Hyderabad, India, in the field of Plant Biology & Biotechnology. She is the brain behind the academic contents published at PCT and is involved with various analytical research studies here.

Before joining PCT, she has worked with various other biotech industries as a Scientific content writer, and she has also a good experience in laboratory work and research.”