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Customer Usage Table

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ContributorPlant  NameContaminant IDPPM concentration (mL/L)Tissue Type/ApplicationResult / Comments
Dr. Ashish Dave Malus rootstock Fungi and Bacterial 1ml/L added to media
PPM @1ml/L added to Malus rootstocks shoot multiplication media. It was very effective in controlling bacteria, without causing any phytotoxicity and growth aberrations.

Richard P Hemp Fungi and Bacterial 3% PPM Explants We wash explants 3% PPM in sterile water for surface sterilization and 3% PPM in MS Media for shoot initiation
Yaroslov Fuglevich Paulownia Bacteria and fungus 1ml/L Use PPM in the culture media, added before sterilization very effective, does not cause phytotoxicity
Arthur P Philodendron Pink Princess Fungi and Bacterial 1 mL/L Explants 40mL/L & 0.5mL/L philodendron pink princess Explants were washed in 4% PPM and were inoculated on media with 0.05% PPM no infections .
Matt Miller Venus Flytrap Fungi and Bacterial 1 mL/L Explants and Seeds Put PPM in media pre-autoclave. Dramatically reduces contamination on both seeds and explants.
Patrick **** Ceropegia Genus Bacteria and Fungi 2 mL/L Stem Explant Added to media prior to autoclaving. Prevents contamination.
Safa Labidi Potato Bacteria  1ml/L  Shoot/Callus used 1ml/l in our culture media to avoid contaminants
Md Faruk Hossain Aloe Vera Rhizome 2 mL/L   Prior to autoclave
Natalia Martinez-Ochoa Tobacco Fungal and bacterial 2 mL/L Leaf midvein and callus tissue culture. PPM is added to tissue culture media when it is being prepared, before or after autoclaving Very Effective in preventing contamination
Hasnorita Abdul Rahman Pineapples Fungal 2 mL/L Sucker Put onto medium, very effective to reduce contamination rate
Dr. Kamlesh Patel Lonicera Species Bacteria 1 mL/L Actively Growing Shoot Tips Very Effective in preventing and eliminating bacteria in tissue culture
Yengl Gukh Bean Fungus  100ml purchased leaf Incredible fungal removal effects were seen in callus cultures
Jennie Coconut bacterial 0.1 ml/L embryo  0.1ml/L PPM were incorporated into tissue culture media
Mareid Glediee Yuzus Bacteria 2 ml/L Shoot  It was used for disinfection when preparing sections in tissue culture
MARIA LOURDES VICENTE Pepper bacteria  50ml purchased anthers   surface sterilization, in media
Petolescu Ceraselaz Rubus fruticosus bacteria and fungus 2 mg/L I use PPM in the culture media, added before sterilization;  very effective
Eliseo Tesón Drosera,Nepenthes,Dionaea bacteria and fungal 2 mL/L Leaf pullings and Seed sowing  I do use PPM when other disinfection procedures do not work, for example leaf pullings in drosera. Also I do use it when I exchange flasks with other people that already used PPM as a preservative i do add PPM if i have to replace the seedlings. Also a rinse of PPM after sterilizing Nepenthes seed with NaDCC has proben to be very effective to kill the remaining bacterial contamination.
Innan Godínez García Vanila planifolia (Vainilla) Orquídea bacteria, yeast, and fungi 1 mL/L 319/5000 The explants were washed with a Tween 20 1ml / L solution for 20 min outside the laminar flow hood. Inside the hood they were subjected to a 10% chlorine solution for 20 min and 2 drops of Tween 20 in 100ml of water. Then they were left in PPM for 10min. and were planted in MS 1/2 medium with 0.5 ml / L of PPM apical meristem and node very effective 
Carlos Urrutia Orchid   1 mL/L apply it after sterilization  
Jesus Lucina Romero Blueberry bacterial 0.5 mL/L Shoot Add 0.5ml/L before sterile de medium
Daniel Zavala Ortiz Tetrastigma   2 mL/L suspension culture  Preventing contamination during bioreactor cultures
Jeanmarie Molina Taxus Globosa S   0.5 mL/L stem, root Preventing contamination during bioreactor cultures;
Remi Bonnart Vitis (Grape) endophytic bacteria 15 mL/L Nodal Segments; Helpful to control endophytic bacteria in Vitis shoots taken from potted plants and introduced to tissue culture for several weeks with minimal/no toxic effects
Hail Z. Rihan Cauliflower   0.5 mL/L Cauliflower microshoots The use of 0.5 mL L−1 of PPM with culture medium was found to be effective in controlling contamination and keeping the growth capacity of microshoots.
Matilde E. Uribe Traubia modesta Bacterial 1 mL/L Bulbs of T. modesta(Roots, the upper-third of the stem, and dry outer scales were removed) Bacterial contamination could be efficiently controlled with streptomycin and PPM
Dawood Ahmad Curcuma, Kaempferia and Zingiber Endogenous Contamination 2 mL/L Buds Preservative mixture (PPM) treatment which helped to minimize the endogenous contamination.
Junji Miyazaki Petunia hybrida   5 mL/L Upper young axillary buds 1. HPLC revealed that axillary buds from upper young nodes absorbed significantly more PPM compared with those from the lower nodes. 2. Indexation indicated successful eradication of bacterial contaminants from upper young axillary buds after vacuum-infiltration with 5 ml l−1 PPM
Sergei Krasnyanski Cotton   1 mL/L Cotton seeds Plant preservative mixture rinses were also included in the sterilization procedures to improve the efficiency of tested protocols.
Pedro Sansberro Ilex paraguariensis   3.5 mL/L Nodal segment explants of Ilex paraguariensis  
Timothy A. Rinehart Hydrangea macrophylla (Thunb.) Ser. and Hydrangea paniculata   2 mL/L Hydrangea seed 0.5× Gamborgs solid media in conjunction with Plant Preservative Mixture (PPM), and by sterilizing seed with trichloro-s-triazinetrione (Trichlor). Assays of physiology were conducted by sterilizing seed.
Junji Miyazaki Black kangaroo paw   5 mL/L (under vacuum) Infected axillary buds and basal-stem calli Indexation of plantlets raised from PPM-treated tissues indicated successful eradication of the endophyte from basal-stem calli, and from shoots regenerated from them.
Freddy Mora T. modesta Bacterial, Fungal 1 mL/L The bulbs of T. modesta The contamination was only by fungi because the bacterial contamination could be efficiently controlled with streptomycin and PPM as biocides.
Gustavo Zapata Carnivorous Plants (Dionaea) Fungus 1 mL/L Leaf prepare media with MS
Mike **** Ficus carica   2 mL/L Shoots Media supplement and explant disinfestation
Gemplant b.v.b.a Cortaderia   1-2 ml/L add to medium before autoclavation  
Omobolanle Ade-Ademilua Peperomia pelucida Endophytic bacteria, Fungi 40mL/L and 0.75mL/L Leaf 40mL/L was used in disinfecting explants and 0.75mL/L added to media (solid)
Jorn Hansson Gerbera, orchids, perennials   1mL/L Shoots mixed in media right after sterilization
Issaac Reyes Cephalotus follicularis Fungus, Bacteria 80mL/L Seeds 80ml/l, Soak seeds in 0.8ml ppm/10ml water+1/3MS media, FREE PGR'S, Sucrose, No pH Adjust for 3-4 hrs. Desinfection for cephalotus follicualris seeds
Margaret Clark Native hawaiian seeds   1mL/L Seeds To blotter paper in petri dishes
Dr. Kamlesh R. Patel Lonicera Bacterial 1mL/L Shoot Added to the culture medium
Kun Wei Norway Spruce Bacterial 0.5 mL/L Somatic Embryos Prevent the possible infections from handling.
Xinlu Chen Hornwort Fungus 1 mL/L leaves controlling fungi
Katrina Dlugosch Centaurea spp.   1 mL/L (1% by volume) Seeds Germination of seeds
Oleg Bosyy Vaccinium   1.5 mL/L Shoots addition of PPM to the medium
Issaac ****** Dionaea Muscipula Fungus, Bacteria 2 mL/L Leaf Add 2ml/l in MS media and sterilize.
Dr. Raquel Folgado Aloe   0.05 - 0.1 mL/L Shoots  
Dr. Raquel Folgado Magnolia   0.05 - 0.1 mL/L Shoots  
Dr. Raquel Folgado Avocado   0.05 - 0.1 mL/L Shoots  
Dr. Chunsheng Lu Berries   0.5 - 5ml/L Shoot Tip  
Manmeet Singh Potato   1.2ml/L Stems  
Martha Orozco Asperagus   10 mL/L    
Martha Orozco Tomato   10 mL/L    
Martha Orozco Rice   10 mL/L    
Osagie Idehen Fern   1 mL/L    
Osagie Idehen Sweet potato   1 mL/L    
Jayakumar Pon Samuel Maize   1mL/L    
Jayakumar Pon Samuel Soybean   1 mL/L    
Jayakumar Pon Samuel Canola   1mL/L    
Mr. Micah Stevens Juglans   2 mL/L Shoots  
Dr. Jiping Zhao Petunia   2 mL/L Leaf  
Dr. Qingzhen Jiang Alfalfa   3 – 5 mL/L Leaf  
Dr. Qingzhen Jiang Medicago   3 – 5 mL/L Leaf  
Dr. Qingzhen Jiang Switchgrain   3 – 5 mL/L Leaf  
Chetty Venkaterwen Rice   3.5 mL/L Seed/Embryo  
Chetty Venkaterwen Ciban   2 mL/L Leaf/Shoot  
Chetty Venkaterwen Tomato   2.5 mL/L Seedlings  
Kaitlin J. Palla Clusia   5 mL/L    
Kaitlin J. Palla Kalanchoe   5 mL/L    
Kaitlin J. Palla Poplar   5mL/L    
Jim Bo Orchids   0.3 mL/L Nodes Growing orchids
RUANGWIT PORRUAN Nepenthes   1-2 mL/L  Shoot Add 1-2 mL/L PPM to media before sterilization.
Annie Lachapelle Rosa hybrida   10 mL/L  Shoot Mix with culture
Quoirin M. Bambusa Fungi and bacteria 3 ml/L shoot segment Desinfestation for introduction in vitro
armin mustafic orchid   1 mL/L leaf Great, five star product!
Dr. Kamlesh R. Patel Hosta   1 mL/L bulb Liquid Culture
Naoaki Okamoto Nepenthes   5ml/L seed In vitro culture of Nepenthes
Marc Martinez Sarracenia Bacterial 1 mL/L seed Bacterial and fungal prevention for in vitro multiplication.
William Conner Citrus   4 mL/L Shoot / Tip eliminates fungus, does not seem to have effect on plant
Michelle Steenberghen Cortaderia   1.5ml/l shoots add before autoclavation
Choo ******** OIL   40mL/L & 0.5mL/L SEED Explants were washed in 4% PPM and were inoculated on media with 0.05% PPM
Erin ***** Canola fungal 1 mL/L callus, shoot to be added to tissue culture media
Dr. Kamlesh R. patel Elm Bacterial 1 mL/L shhot tips In agar solidified medium.
Hoang Tuan Vu Wasabi   1 mL/L Shoot Plant preservertive mixture
Deborah McCown Amelanchier Bacteria and Fungi 0.5 ml/L Shoot Culture Tissue Culture media
Maria Consue Medina blueberry Bacterial 2 mL/l shoots before autoclave in the culture media
Carolina Rugeles Ornamentals Bacteria, Fungus 2 mL/l Tissue Culture Prepare in the Media solution
Natalia Campistany cucumber Endogenus bacteria 1 mL/L plant mixed in the solid media
Obaid ur Rahman banana Fungal, bacterial 1 mL/L shoot tip cultures PPM added at a concentration of 1 ml/L in liquid culture media and sterilized for 5 mins and 121 degrees centigrade
Meenakshi Santra Wheat   0.5ml/l wheat embryo culture we use in regeneration media and sometimes to kill the fungi in regenerated plants
Desiree Ho Cantharanthus   0.01 mL/L Nodes and shoot meritsem Preventing microbial contamination in tissue culture media.
Joanna ***** maize Aspergillus 2 mg/l embryo Soke overnight
Chan Woei Yee Anubias Bacterial 1 mL/L Corm Plant Maintenance
Bruno La Rosa Nepenthes Fungi spores, bacteria 1 mL/L Seed 1 mL applied to 1 L of MS Basal medium mixture with sucrose and BAP.
Joshua Spece Hosta   1-2 mL/L meristem bud PPM used in the media. Greatly improves contamination rate.
Julie ***** raspberry   1 mL/L shoot use on contaminated cultures that we must continue to multiply
Maria Consue Medina Blueberry Bacterial 2.5 mL/L Shoots Before autoclave
Gerardus VanDerMeij Impatiens Bacterial 1 mL/L Shoots Used in propagation to keep cultures clean
Viji ****** Orchids   1 mL/L Shoot Media preparation and cleaning tissues
Md Faruk Hossain Aloe Vera Rhizome 2 mL/L   Prior to autoclave
Leong MY Mango Leaf 0.2 mL/L Cloning  
  Paulownia Bacterial and Fungus 1 mL/L In the culture media and prior to sterilization Very effective, does not cause phytotoxicity


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