How PPM helped Eliseo culture his Orchids and Carnivorous plants

*1ml/L added, of PPM standard formulation and that made a big difference in reducing the contamination in my heavily contaminated culture.” – Eliseo



Eliseo Teson is the Lab Chief of his own small company which works on, in-vitro culturing of the plants and currently, he is working with orchids and carnivorous plants. He has been using PPM for 2-3 years!


Eliseo was willing to culture Orchids and carnivorous plants in his labs. However, the contamination of the cultures disabled him to have an effective number of surviving plants.

My cultures were getting heavily contaminated as my usual products weren’t working. It wasted my lot of effort and time”—says Eliseo.


He started searching for the products that can help him to grow his plant and then he came to know about PPM through one of his friends on Facebook.

He ordered the PPM right away and started using it in his media. It helped him a lot to save his cultures. 

I wasn’t able to find a suitable product to avoid contamination and someone from Facebook recommended your product, PPM. I used it and it showed very effective results” —says Eliseo.


He used PPM for post-sterilization with NaDCC and in the media at 1.5ml/L to prevent contamination. For better and effective results, he also used it for pre-sterilization.


Eliseo was very satisfied and relaxed after getting the excellent results with PPM which saved his time, effort and him from the stress of contamination.



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