Tissue Culture Advantages For Cannabis Growers
22 Sep 2022

Tissue Culture Advantages For Cannabis Growers

Anjali Singh

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It’s been four decades since the commercialization of tissue culture technology. However, do you know it’s just recently when the technique was introduced in the Cannabis business space?

It’s mainly due to restrictions posed on the Cannabis plants.

But, with increasing legalization of medical Cannabis across the states (so far around 30 states) has opened the door with enhanced opportunities for businesses in the area.

For many of you who aren’t aware of what tissue culture is, it’s a process in which a few plant tissues are grown in a controlled environment under controlled conditions. For growers looking to increase their yield and quality of the product, the technique provides an efficient approach to achieving their goals.

The traditional ways to grow Cannabis plants are either by collecting seeds or cuttings them from a clean stock of mother plants.

In this article, we cover more about tissue culture technology, how is it beneficial for the Cannabis growers like you, and how can you apply the technique in the right way to grow your cannabis business.

Let’s Talk About Tissue Culture First!

You are now aware that the technology requires only a few tissues or single cells to grow plants as a whole in a controlled aseptic environment. To grow plants in vitro you need nutrient media, such as MS media, sugar, plant hormones, solidifying agents (such as agar or gellan gum), distilled water, culture vessels, and a clean culture room to perform the procedure.

Once the plant is grown up in the tissue culture condition, it’s transplanted into the greenhouse and then in natural conditions to mature and start fruiting.

You must be shocked to learn that the space required to maintain thousand of tissue culture plants is around 1/10th compared to the space you require to maintain plants grown using traditional techniques. Further, the technique allows you to preserve the plant genetics or plants for a longer time with minimal effort.

How is The Tissue Culture Business Beneficial For Your Cannabis Business?

For around 3-4 decades tissue culture technology is extensively exploited by growers, farmers, and small-scale and large-scale businesses for the several advantages it offers.

What advantages?

Let’s have a look at what they are!

  • Minimal Effort: Growing cannabis tissue cultures eliminates the need for nurturing the cuttings.
  • Require Less Space: Producing Cannabis clones through cuttings requires one to keep the plant in controlled conditions to produce disease-free plants. This requires a lot of space and production costs. In comparison to using plant cuttings, tissue culture can yield similar results but requires far less space and costs less. It allows you to manage and work with many different strains at once.
  • Preserve Plant Genetics: Tissue culture allows Cannabis growers to preserve the genetics of their favorite strain for a longer time without losing their vigor and viability.
  • Produce Disease-Free Plants: Tissue culture is performed in completely aseptic conditions, which allows growers to produce plants disease-free. Also, some tissue culture techniques, like meristem culture, ensure that the mother initial tissue used for the growth of the plant is disease free.

Is Tissue Culture A Sustainable Option For Cannabis Growers?

Tissue culture is considered the future of not only the Cannabis business but the agricultural system as well. It’s one of the most sustainable and environment-friendly options available today for the propagation of plants.

With issue culture technology, we can accomplish the task in a fraction of the space required by traditional approaches. This also means less energy consumption. Further, as the plants produced in with tissue culture are disease-free, you don’t require pesticides, herbicides, or any chemicals to protect your plants against pathogens and pests.

Which Tissue Culture Techniques Are More Popular In Cannabis Business Space?

The two tissue culture techniques popularly used by Cannabis growers are:

  • Nodal Culture: Establishing a plant cutting on agar with nutrient media, sugar, and plant growth hormones are called nodal culture. It allows growers to store plants safely; protect from a range of pathogens, especially eliminate surface pathogens such as powdery mildew; and multiply plants on a large scale. The only limitation of this technique is that it doesn’t help much with eliminating contaminants residing inside plant tissues or systemic pathogens, such as bacteria, viruses, and viroid.
  • Meristem Culture: In this process, meristematic tissue is obtained either from plant cuttings or plants grown through nodal cultures. According to Schnieder, “meristem is a group of undifferentiated cells at one of the top growing points of the plant that have not yet developed a vascular connection to the rest of the plant”. Meristem tissue culture is frequently used by tissue culturists to eliminate bacterial and viral infections and obtain disease-free plants.

How Plant Cell Technology’s Cannabis Tissue Culture Master Class Help Scale Up Your Cannabis Business?

Though Cannabis is a notorious plant and not easy to grow, one requires sufficient knowledge and hands-on experience to work on the plant in vitro. Further, if you are a beginner you might face complications, downfalls, and problems in setting up your Cannabis business by exploiting this technology.

But, we can help!

We are offering beginners, culturists, plant growers, farmers, and small-scale or large-scale businesses the to learn about the latest tissue culture techniques and apply them to their businesses to take it to a new height and launch big in the coming year 2023.

From December 16-18, 2022, we are organizing a comprehensive 3-day Cannabis Tissue Culture Master Class. The class will be conducted by one of the legends in the Cannabis Tissue Culture Industry, Bill Graham.

In this class, you won’t only learn how to produce synseeds and preserve the genetics of your plant, but a range of other topics, including Pathogen remediation, sterilization techniques, Meristem dissection, and many more.

Here’s our complete curriculum.

This a one of the most popular Master Class, for which booking has already been started. And, for one-on-experience with our tissue culture expert, only a limited number of seats are available.

So, if you are interested in giving a boost to your Cannabis business, then book your seats TODAY!

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