PPM™ Case Study—FloraMaxx Technologies Ltd.
22 Aug 2023

PPM™ Case Study—FloraMaxx Technologies Ltd.

Anjali Singh

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Dr. Ashish Dave is the CEO and president at Floramaxx Technologies Ltd, based in Canada. His company, FloraMaxx Technologies Ltd., deals with the commercial-scale production of tissue culture plants for several purposes.

FloraMaxx Technologies Ltd. was established by a team of scientists and horticulture specialists possessing specialized knowledge and in-depth experience in plant sciences and commercial horticulture. The strive to be the most reliable supplier of "authentic starter plants with superior quality" for agriculture, horticulture and nursery industries through our innovative plant tissue culture technologies.

Dr. Ashish has been using Plant Cell Technology (PCT) product—plant preservative mixture (PPM™)—for seven years. He still uses the product, in addition to PCT agar, for his tissue culture processes because of its unexpected results in the prevention of contamination and cloning of plants.


Dr. Ashish’s labs were trying to grow healthy Prunus fruticosa x Prunus cerasus (Dwarf Sour cherry)—Variety-Valentine—but he was facing continuous occurrence of bacterial contamination in the elongation phase of micropropagation.

He tried to use a broad-spectrum antibiotic by adding it into sterilized culture media, however, no significant results were obtained and the contamination was still an issue. It became challenging for him to maintain clean and healthy plant cultures at their shoot elongation stage.


Dr. Ashish wanted to control the bacterial contamination and protect the cultures. After getting ineffective results from antibiotics, he did some literature search, where he came to know about PCT’s PPM™.

PPM™ proved to be an effective and efficient solution for his bacterial contamination problems, which protected its cultures at their shoot elongation phase.


The experiment performed by Dr. Ashish and the implementation of PPM™ were followed as:

  • The individual shoots of Dwarf Sour cherry were inoculated on to lower cytokinin concentrations, which after two weeks led to the formation of condensed shoots.
  • The condensed shoot clusters were subdivided into smaller clusters (3-4 shoots in each cluster).
  • Each such small cluster was transferred onto elongation media, containing 0.5 mg/l PPM™, for another four weeks to obtain healthy shoots required for in vitro rooting.


PPM™ was helpful to Floramaxx in producing and marketing their cultures faster. It helped Dr. Ashish’s labs to successfully elongate smaller shoot clusters of the Dwarf Sour Cherry plant into healthy elongated shoots, which were highly desirable for in vitro rooting. 

Ashish has also tried PPM™ on other Prunus varietals and observed similar results as the Valentine variety—though its effective concentration varied.

Plant Cell Technology—Your Partner In Plant Tissue Culture

PPM™ or Plant Preservative Mixture is a broad spectrum solution provided by Plant Cell Technology to fight contamination challenges in tissue culture labs. The product is capable of fighting all kinds of contamination, whether it's airborne, transfer through your contact, or through contaminated tools. You only need to add 1-2 ml of PPM™ per liter of media to provide your tissue culture plants an all round protection from contaminants. 

If you're looking to save your money and time invested in tissue culture processes (that eventually get spoiled due to contamination) PPM™ is the solution you are looking for. Purchase your PPM™ NOW!

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