Nurturing Tomorrow's Culturists: How PCT is Helping Schools Introduce Tissue Culture Education
11 Oct 2023

Nurturing Tomorrow's Culturists: How PCT is Helping Schools Introduce Tissue Culture Education

Anjali Singh

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In our dynamic world of science education, the foundation for guiding the next wave of scientists is to offer them innovative and hands-on learning experiences. For example, showing students the practical aspects of plant growth can be more enlightening than only delving into the theoretical side.

Tissue culture is a cutting-edge technique used in labs by researchers and scientists to understand the complicated developmental pathway of plants. Industries employ this method to harvest valuable medicinal compounds or to produce large quantities of disease-free, economically significant plants.

Therefore, educating our young minds with this innovative approach not only introduces them to the plant world within STEM and sparks their interest in the field, but prepares them for the scientific challenges ahead.

Leading this educational effort is Plant Cell Technologies (PCT), a pioneer in propelling science education, especially in the plant tissue culture field. Determined to empower schools and educators, PCT is actively aiding schools to introduce plant tissue culture education into their curriculum. This mission transcends teaching mere scientific techniques – it’s about cultivating a profound love for botany and an appreciation for plant life's intricacies.

Meridian High School Plant Tissue Culture Build-Out Story

Realizing the importance of hands-on applications in biology, Renee Peugh, a devoted and passionate teacher at Meridian High School, envisioned a plant tissue culture lab for her students. Recognizing the need for specialized guidance, she sought the expertise of Plant Cell Technology (PCT). 

United by a shared vision to foster scientific curiosity, PCT eagerly embraced the opportunity to support Meridian High School. Through collaboration, expertise, and unwavering dedication, the Plant Cell Technology team assisted in the development and implementation of a cutting-edge plant tissue culture lab.

The school chose PCT's “Lab Build-Out” services, through which we helped them with their requirements related to tissue culture equipment, tools, and chemicals. Additionally, we happily contributed graduated cylinders and are currently in the process of providing them with Biocouplers™ to educate students about the multiplication stage of the process.

An Exciting Update on the School's Plant Tissue Culture Lab

Recently, we caught up with Renee Peugh to gauge the lab's progress and the students' immersion in the tissue culture journey. 

students learning plant tissue culture

The enthusiasm in her update was infectious. Renee narrated:

“My plant science class is in the middle of the tissue culturing unit. My students love using all the professional equipment and are making their own media. We started off with the all-in-one philodendron media. This gave them experience following a basic protocol and using professional lab equipment for the first time.

They were mesmerized by the magnetic stirrer, instrument sanitizer, pH scale, and the little 'boats' they used to measure chemicals on the digital scales. But they absolutely geeked out over the calibrated pipette. I could not believe the difference having professional tools in my students' hands made. It truly increased their desire to learn more.

I had only dabbled in 'kitchen' tissue culture, so when my students became more curious and started asking deeper questions, such as, 'I want to tissue culture my rare orchid, what is the protocol?' I didn't know the full answer, so I did the only thing I could. I told them I didn't have all the answers. I followed with this question, 'when scientists want answers, what do they do?'

I asked them to discuss this question as a group. This led to a light bulb moment, as they realized they were in the early stages of the scientific method. Last week, I directed them to turn their questions into a hypothesis. Once they did, we went to work. We watched a Plant Cell technology video that taught us how to use research papers to determine the protocols for each student's desired plant. This gave them exposure to the method scientists share their work.

Working with your company has helped my students want to learn more and seek out more information on their own. I love watching my kids come in and check their 'babies' for new growth. They are just starting to see callouses growing in the media. We plan to put them into the Biocoupler™ this week!"

Why Should Plant Tissue Culture Spark Curiosity in Students?

While practical methods always enhance learning, tissue culture holds some unique advantages:

  1. Hands-on Learning: It offers an immersive, hands-on experience, making biology more tangible and memorable.
  2. Problem-Solving Skills: It hones critical thinking as students address any hitches that arise.
  3. Understanding Cellular Processes: It offers a deep dive into cellular processes, making many biological concepts clearer.
  4. Real-world Relevance: It bridges the gap between classroom learning and real-world applications, showcasing its significance in research, agriculture, and medicine.
  5. Career Paths: Knowledge of tissue culture can pave the way to a plethora of exciting careers.
  6. Scientific (STEM) Curiosity: Such experiments feed the inherent curiosity in students, making them more invested in science and in the STEM field.

high school students plant tissue culture lab

Your Classroom's Tissue Culture Journey with Plant Cell Technology

Since 1995, Plant Cell Technology has been an industry leader in tissue culture. Our pioneered innovations, like the Plant Preservative Mixture (PPM™) and Biocoupler™, have made waves in the industry. Apart from pioneering products, we also offer plant tissue culture master classes (in person and remote) and consultations

We believe in extending our expertise beyond labs and industries. We’re passionate about enlightening the next generation, and our all-inclusive lab build-out services ensure a smooth transition for schools venturing into tissue culture. 

Stater Kits for Plant Tissue Culture

For educators aiming to sprinkle their curriculum with novel methods like tissue culture, we're here to guide you. We promise unwavering support, ensuring a confident foray into the tissue culture universe. Our team serves as a reliable source of support and knowledge, ensuring that educators and students alike can delve into the world of tissue culture with confidence.

Eager to dive deeper into our offerings? Click here to explore more!

And if you've got questions, we're just an email away at We are here to assist you promptly!

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