PCT Experts Offer Consulting Service to Cannabis Lab!
13 Jul 2023

PCT Experts Offer Consulting Service to Cannabis Lab!

Anjali Singh

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Diseases and pathogens are one of the biggest problems Cannabis growers face. Riviera Creek was having one such issue with some of its cultivars. They were susceptible to mold like Botrytis. That’s when Riviera Creek reached out to us, and we were more than happy to help them scale their business through tissue culture.

Visit To Riviera Creek

Riviera Creek is is a consumer goods company dedicated to using science and technology to deliver customers the safest, consistent, most advanced cannabis flower and products available. 

Based in Youngstown, OH with offices in Los Angeles, CA, the company has the goal to produce and deliver quality medical Cannabis products for the therapeutics uses. It works closely with patients and distributor partners to ensure the availability of safe, tested, and properly dosed medical-grade cannabis.

We visited Riviera Creek to help Sam Brenkus and his team at Riviera Creek Labs to help with their Cannabis tissue cultures. We want to give a huge shoutout to their staff and thank them for allowing members of the PCT team to come and collaborate. We all had a blast! To see what the visit entailed, please check out our VISIT to Riviera Creek in the video we shared above. 

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About Riviera Creek

Riviera Creek is a medical Cannabis cultivation company spread in 6000 square feet of flower space. For 13 years, the company has been known for its Cannabis cultivation in its unique commercial aeroponic facility.

The aeroponic strategy helps the company to avoid any diseases emerging from the soil. It cultivates Cannabis—without using any pesticide, fungicide, or IPM strategies—at an industrial scale for medical use, ensuring its high quality and testing.


Riviera Creek wanted to introduce tissue culture into its lab facility to enhance the productivity of Cannabis. Further, it was unaware of applying the technique into its cultivation process to fight Botrytis (a mold) affecting some of its cultivars.

For 2.5 years, it has been trying to grow plants using the tissue culture technique, but something was being remained undetectable. The molds were impacting the efficiency and growth of Cannabis cultivars and the company.


The company tried to solve the problems by sending the failed plant for the extraction processing and increased sanitization practices for their cleaning procedures. However, not much success was observed.

This was when Riviera Creek searched for other options and found Plant Cell Technology as an expert in the tissue culture space.

It contacted us (PCT) to look for some tissue culture expertise and train its members. The experience duration of PCT in the Tissue Culture business made it stand out from the rest of the other industries in the area.

Key Outcomes

A total of three members of Riviera Creek were trained and the training covered the basics of tissue culture and advanced experimental advice while performing the live experiments. PCT experts helped the staff with all the confusion and questions they had about tissue culture. The trainees now feel confident to introduce and grow plants, even as tricky as Cannabis, into in vitro lab environment. 

The members were taught every step of the Cannabis tissue culture processes including media preparation & sterilization, explant preparation & sterilization, and culturing explants into the media.

The members also learned techniques to avoid contamination issues and solutions to challenging steps of the tissue culture.

Riviera Creek is now planning to scale its Cannabis cultivation by confidently elimination mold infections from their Cannabis plants. The employment of the technique is not only going to help them reduce production costs but increase yield to 10X.

Produce and Preserve Your Elite Cannabis Varities By Choosing Plant Cell Technology!

Be the next giant supplier in the industry!

Tissue culture technology has more potential than you can imagine. It helps preserve plant genetics, produce disease-free plants, scale production, and increase ROI. With this technology, you can achieve high-quality and consistent plant varieties, taking your cannabis business to the next level!

But, if you're unaware of the technology and confused about its integration into your Cannabis facility, then let us help you! 

PCT Cannabis Consultation Services Details

With PCT Consultation Service, you'll receive tons of benefits as riviera Creek, including, lessons on basics of Tissue culture, on-site tissue culture training, handling of explant, the right way to pour media and culture explants into culture vessels, and an expert point-of-view into the contamination problem, and scale your business.

A one-time investment like this can provide you with positive returns for the rest of your life.

Plant Cell Technology is helping culturists and cultivators all over the world in their tissue culture process. We have been in the business for more than two decades now and have gained the trust of culturists worldwide by offering state-of-the art tissue culture services and products. We understand the ins and out of the business.

So, if you are a beginner or large-scale grower looking for some professional assistance in any stage of the tissue culture process, we are here! 

We can help you gain hands-on-experience in the technology and be a pro in the industry by producing quality and consistent Cannabis plants. 

Contact us today to excel in your tissue culture experiments and be an expert!

Learn more about PCT consulting services here and if have any questions, shoot them to us at info@plantcelltechnology.com. 

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