Celebrating Earth Day with Dimension Sciences!
8 Apr 2021

Celebrating Earth Day with Dimension Sciences!

Anjali Singh

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PCT news: Plant Cell Technology celebrates Earth Day by partnering with Dimensions Sciences

Donate $40 to Dimensions Sciences and receive a PCT Starter Kit worth $50 for free

What’s Earth Day?

Earth day is celebrated by the world to honor the achievements of environmental movements and to show support for environmental protection. For the first time in 1969, John McConnell proposed the idea of celebrating Earth Day at a UNESCO Conference in San Francisco to honor our planet. Later, U.S senator Gaylord Nelson thought to galvanize the conservation movement by holding a nationwide environmental issue forum on April 22, 1970. Later, the event was renamed by he and Denis Hayes, a national coordinator on the project, as Earth Day.


  • Action toward rapid climate change
  • Promoting Science and Education
  • Cultivating awareness for environmental issues and the amplifying the importance of its protection to people and different communities.
  • Increasing international communication of environmental issues
  • Spreading information about excessive use of plastic, causing the death of marine life. 

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How PCT is contributing to Earth day?

Plant Cell Technology is contributing its part to celebrate Earth Day by partnering with the Dimensions Sciences, which promotes the higher education of people in Minority. During the whole month of April, anyone who donates $40 or more will receive Plant Cell Technology’s special starter gift worth $50 for free.

This is a golden time for all the culturists out there to lift the education of these young scientists by being a donor. We really appreciate any amount you pay to the organization. These young scientists are set to build a better future for us! So, hold our hands in this journey by being a donor!

The best part is you are receiving a gift of a PCT starter bundle from us!


Donors will receive a PCT Starter Kit containing the following materials:

  • 3 x 250ml Glass Tissue Culture Vessels
  • 50g of Agar Powder
  • 5L of M.S. Media Powder
  • 10ml of PPM

The best tissue culture offering in the entire world is found in our very own Starter Kit!

Why Dimensions Sciences and what it does?

Dimensions Sciences is a non-profit organization committed to helping minorities to rise and progress in the field of science and education. It provides scholarships and organizes mentoring programs for the underrepresented community to bring diversity in science and research.

Plant Cell Technology is dedicated to promoting education and research. We are already doing it by creating interesting blogs, YouTube videos, consulting services, and bringing innovative products for tissue culture scientists. And what Dimensions Sciences does is a noble cause. So, we never miss a chance to promote these organizations and appreciate what they do.

What does PCT do?

Plant Cell Technology is a leading company in the tissue culture area. It’s a one-stop solution to all the tissue culture needs and problems. We create innovative products for our culturists and the store is continuously expanding because of heavy demands from our culturists. We are also helping the culturists and tissue culture scientists in building their labs and through our consulting services. We are educating people through our creative blogs and youtube videos.

Many culturists share their story of how through our videos we inspired them to start their own labs. We are thrilled to hear these stories that also motivate us in what we do.

How can you contribute to Earth day?

You can contribute your part to protect the environment by taking care of plants and trees. And, plant as many as trees you can.

So, if you wish, this month you can also celebrate with us by donating just $40 to Dimensions Sciences and we will reward your donation by providing you our wonderful Starter Kit!

Save Trees. 

Save Lives. 

Save Earth.

Happy Earth Day!!

Happy culturing!!

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