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The simplest bioreactor (The BioCoupler™) just got simpler!

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Our anti-contamination solution has been the industry standard for over 28 years!

Our mission is to make tissue culture chemicals and equipment more affordable and accessible to customers of all sizes and experiences.

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See what customers are saying!

Talk about making tissue culture a breeze!!! I haven't had any contamination problem since I started using ppm! Good prices and fast shipping! Keep up the awesome work!

Andrew Koehler

Plant Cell Technology Customer

I have had a great experience with PCT. I am a TC beginner, so I used all of their products to learn and culture successfully. I would definitely recommend them.

Elicia Bibbs

Google Review

I ordered a lot of stuff from these guys in one cart and one of the items was their giant laminar flow hood. The directions are in Mandarin and I emailed them and they offered to face time me to help me assemble it. I thought that was really nice. They respond really fast as well.

Kameron Schmidt

Google Review

I have used the PPM. It's a very good product. I use it for my protoplast culture. There are no fungal or bacterial contamination. Since I have to keep my cultures a longer time. The best part is it can be autoclaved or used directly. Though I prefer direct use. Sometimes I directly use 1 microlitre in 5 ml it helps.

Monisha Mitra

Google Review

We use your PPM in every media mix we make to ensure to reduce the chance of bacterial and fungal contamination.

Tony Sereno

Happy Valley Plants

I had to unexpectedly flask an orchid green seed capsule with no access to an autoclave, laminar flow cabinet or glove box, I used only rudimentary sterilizing techniques and PPM. No contamination after nearly four weeks. Amazing!

Lauren L

Plant Cell Technology Customer

I use PPM for explants I'm really worried about. I love the extra protection that PPM gives my plants in vitro.

Rolanda G

Lima TiendaDeOrquideas

I love PCT's biocoupler. I am completely self-taught, but I have found that if I get things started in solid media and then move to the biocoupler, my plants multiply much faster. Honestly, I am also a visual person, and I prefer the visual of the plants the biocoupler provides over that of solid media.

Casey H

The Twisted Sprout

Biocoupler - this device from what I’ve witnessed is able to speed the multiplication process and enhance tissue culture in liquid tc media.

Mario O

Itsumi Botanicals

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