Sterile Petri Dish Packs

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PCT Petri dish


A Petri dish is a circular glass or plastic dish with a lid, commonly used in laboratories for the cultivation, observation, and study of microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, or small plants. The dish provides a controlled environment, allowing scientists to grow and observe these organisms under specific conditions.

Its applications extend beyond cultivating microorganisms; it can also be utilized for weighing, separating, and processing cells and tissues in laboratory settings.

Product Information


  • non-autoclavable, sterile, and lightweight

  • Flat transparent surface for distortion-free observation

  • Comes with a cover/lid

  • Stackable for easy storage and handling

  • Non-Pyrogenic, DNase/RNase free

Autocalvability: Up to 121 °C

Material: Polystyrene

Shape: Round

Color: Transparent

Dimension:Diameter: 90mm; Height: 15mm

Storage:Temperature: Room Temperature

Applications: Plant Tissue Culture or Mushroom Culture Processes