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Biocoupler™ Glass Set

Biocoupler™ Glass Set

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Biocoupler Quantity

The BioCoupler™ Glass Set allows you to mix, wet, agitate, coat, and move your plant propagules about. It provides a high humidity, filtered air and gas exchange. It does all of this without troublesome plumbing, timers, valves, etc. And, electricity is not required.

Coming with your choice of either 8oz or 16oz vessels, the BioCoupler itself couples vessels together. In its center, it has an integral vent hole covered by a long-lasting microporous air filter.

Included with this set...

The New and Improved Biocoupler™

  • Biocoupler™ is the simplest temporary immersion bioreactor. It couples/connects two mason jars (or any glass jars) with an integrated filter to facilitate a smooth medium flow.
  • It also contains a microporous vent filter that allows pressure equalization to atmospheric pressure, helping prevent contamination. The device is more efficient space-wise and time-wise, compared to other currently available TIB systems. Further, the Biocoupler™ not only can be used by hobbyists, but also by large-scale plant businesses.

Product Information

What are the upgrades?

Controlling flow was not the actual reason for the adjustable vanes on the original model. It was to allow adequate flow without small propagules passing through. It was found after much testing and experience that all that was actually needed was more fluid flow area while maintaining a minimum propagule passage. Less restricted flow is an advantage. It provides better mixing and better gaseous aeration. The new version has multiple narrow slots and allows greater liquid flow while retaining propagules larger than approximately 3mm in size. The new BioCoupler is easier to use and much easier to clean between uses. It provides better/faster fluid flow, improved aeration, and propagule retention. Both methods are covered in the applied for and pending patent. The new model BioCoupler is much sturdier, shows stains less, is easier to clean, and is easier to grip, and vent filter replacement is easier. All in all, compared to the new BioCoupler,  there is no other plant propagation bioreactor that offers even close to the same simplicity, effectiveness, ease of use, and affordability.

While serving the same purpose in the same way the new one is improved.

  • Compared to the original, the new model is stronger. It is made from a similar but stronger material.
  • They are virtually unbreakable in normal use.  Even if dropped onto a concrete floor they just bounce.
  • The new material provides improved resistance to repeated high-temperature autoclave cycles.
  • The change in the slots allows better liquid flow while efficiently holding back plant material. It is much easier to clean too.
  • The walls are thicker, adding to the strength. The gasket stays in place better but can be easily replaced.
  • This physical shape on the new one allows greatly improved placement and replacement of the vent filters. The old one took a certain amount of skill and two little drops of UV glue at the grooves in the center to fully assure no leaks. That is eliminated now. Now, anyone can easily change the filter without concern for tiny leaks.

Introducing the BioCoupler™ Temporary Immersion Bioreactor

This innovative and first-of-its-kind device is the answer to the problems and drawbacks of traditional temporary immersion bioreactor systems (TIBs). The patent-pending BioCoupler™ Glass Set meets all the basic requirements and accomplishes all the needed tasks for a fraction of the cost of the traditional TIBs, takes up little shelf space in the grow room, and is very easy to use and handle.

There is no need to put your valuable propagules in large vats, tanks, or tubs. With those, the complexity of use and the higher risk of loss if anything goes wrong is too great. Every part can be autoclaved at the standard 121C temperature, or, they can be chemical or gas sterilized if needed.

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  • BioCoupler™ is used for temporary immersion and has been successfully tested for a wide range of plants, including orchids, hemp, aquatics, succulents, ferns, and carnivorous plants. Hundreds of the devices can be used to produce thousands or hundreds of thousands of plants on a yearly basis.
  • The liquid is usually filled to about 2/3 capacity of the lower jar and the propagules are in the upper jar.
  • It does not need gelling agents, but does require MS Media! Additionally, the use of PPM will help prevent contamination, benefiting plant growth.

**Autoclave Biocouplers™ before use to avoid contamination**

Here is a Liquid Media Recipe so you can start using your Biocoupler today

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