​PCT News: PCT Hosts Cannabis Tissue Culture Seminars With Onsite Microprop LLC!!

8th Jun 2022

​PCT News: PCT Hosts Cannabis Tissue Culture Seminars With Onsite Microprop LLC!!

Cannabis tissue culturists, we’ve got a “no-where” to be found an opportunity for you! We have been receiving so many queries from our worldwide Cannabis tissue culturists to create lessons, videos, or courses on the tissue culture of Cannabis. We hear you all!

What Is The Buzz?

Cannabis tissue culturists, we’ve got a “no-where” to be found an opportunity for you!

We have been receiving so many queries from our worldwide Cannabis tissue culturists to create lessons, videos, or courses on the tissue culture of Cannabis.

We hear you all!

And, that’s why we have brought you “Cannabis Tissue culture Seminars” in partnership with Onsite Microprop LLC.

We believe knowledge should be accessible to all. And, especially in tissue culture, the culturists should have access to protocols that work for the specific plant and are easy to understand.

With this thought, we are giving you access to our pool of Cannabis tissue culture knowledge in this seminar.

What Is Cannabis Tissue culture Seminar?

With Onsite Microprop LLC we have created a 3-day Cannabis Tissue culture Seminar. We are offering cannabis culturists with a range of experiences, including beginners to experts, everything about Cannabis tissue culture.

In this seminar, we have combined all our 45 years of experience in tissue culture to teach you and give you what you require to get your business running.

What to Expect from The Seminar?

In this seminar, we are unlocking access to Cannabis tissue culture procedures that work like a magic in our lab.

We believe that an effective Cannabis tissue culture procedure should be available and presented in an easy-to-understand protocol that can even be employed by beginner Cannabis tissue culturists.

Our proven techniques and policies have helped a hundred Cannabis culturists worldwide to grow and level up their business.

For your smooth experience we have divided our seminar into three days, which look something like this:

16th-17th July: Basic Cannabis Tissue Knowledge and Experiments

18th-19th July: Advanced Cannabis tissue culture procedures and solutions to critical challenges.

Who Can Attend The Seminar?

Anyone interested in doing Cannabis tissue culture or who already has an established tissue culture setup can attend this seminar to expand their horizon of knowledge.

For Beginners Cannabis Tissue Culturists (Basic): For beginners, the seminar starts on the 16th and on 17th of July. Here they can learn about:

  • Introduction Techniques: You will learn about efficient ways to excise explants or cuttings from the mother plant, sterilize the tissue culture area, and plant parts or explants.
  • Media Preparation: Learn how to prepare the tissue culture media and sterilize it.
  • Meristem Dissection: Meristem is the most effective way of getting rid of the infection. So, we will teach you how to culture and subculture contaminated plants to obtain clean and healthy plants.

For Expert Cannabis Tissue Culturists (Advanced): For Expert Cannabis Tissue Culturists, the program starts on 18th July and will end on 19th July. In this duration, you will learn:

  • Anti-pathogen media amendments: We will teach you what type of hormones or PGRs and in what concentration can be used to obtain the best Cannabis yield in tissue culture.
  • Synthetic seeds: You will learn how to create a cold storage solution by using synthetic seed techniques.
  • Gender screening: We will teach you about the advanced technologies and tools that can be used to determine the sex of your cannabis plant in a more efficient way at a very young age.

For Intermediates Cannabis Tissue Culturists (Basic and Advanced both): If you’re someone who wants to obtain both beginner and expert sessions, then you can opt for the intermediate option. With this pass, you will be able to attain the seminar starting from 16th July to 19th July. So, you will be learning everything curated for the beginner and expert levels.

How Much Do Seminar Tickets Cost?

The seminar tickets are of three types, based on the session you choose:

Basic: $2500+ Sales tax

Advanced: $3000+ Sales tax

Both (Basic and Advance): $5000+ Sales tax

Complimentary breakfast and lunch will also be provided during the seminar.

What’s The Duration and Location of The Seminar?

The Cannabis Tissue Culture Seminar is a three-day program. It’s starting on 16th July, at 9.00 A.M EDT and will be concluded on 19th July, at 4:00 P.M EDT.

Each day we are conducting different programs based on your experience level in the area.

The seminar will be conducted at PCT Cannabis Tissue Culture Lab 1601 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20009, USA.

Will A Certificate Be Awarded For Attending The Seminar?


After completing the Seminar, you will receive a “Certificate of Completion” based on the level you have attended the seminar.

How Can I Apply to The Cannabis Tissue Culture Seminar?

This is super easy!

Visit this link:

And, on the right-hand side of the page, you will see the tab to “Get Tickets”. Here, you will also get all the information (that is already explained here) regarding the seminar.


You can directly make the purchase by visiting this link:

Choose the number of people who would be attending the session and the session of your choice.

And, make your order!

See you at the seminar culturists!

For any query, reach out to us at [email protected]

Happy Culturing!!

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