5 Common Problems When Growing Cannabis
27 Jul 2023

5 Common Problems When Growing Cannabis

Carol Williams

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The cultivation methods chosen to grow the plant also majorly influence the growing environment of a plant, such as outdoor methods involving natural resources and environment for the plant growth and is low in cost, however, water control and pest management become a critical issue.


Growing plants is an easy task if you take care of the nutrition, moisture, and temperature favored by the plant. However, understanding these factors for specific plants can be tricky, but, are primary for the healthy growth and development of plants.   

Many cannabis growers encounter specific issues while growing the plant. It could be anything, ranging from understanding the optimum amount of watering or the ideal temperature required to grow cannabis. Before starting cannabis cultivation, you must research and find out the right parameters and methods of growing the plant.

Don't beat yourself up over making these mistakes as it common among (almost) all the growers!

Here we cover five common mistakes made by Cannabis cultivators to help you learn about them, fix these issues, and grow your cannabis buds fat and healthy.

Grow Cannabis: 5 Problems

To grow and obtain consistent buds and plants of uniform genetics, it's essential to ensure right and specific environmental conditions favored by the plant. The cultivation methods chosen to grow the plant also majorly influence the growing environment of a plant, such as outdoor methods involving natural resources and environment for the plant growth and is low in cost, however, water control and pest management become a critical issue.

Similarly, the indoor cultivation technique offers full control over the environmental condition of the plant, however, they are a costly approach and has a significant environmental impact. 

1. Inappropriate Watering 


Most cannabis growers overlook the importance of adequate hydration to the plant. While the underwatered plants are fragile and weak, the overwatered leaves appear pretty rigid. You need to balance the moisture levels according to the soil requirements as well as lighting. Try to poke the soil and find out the consistency of the soil particles. Also, avoid either excessive dry soil or soggy particles overloaded with water. Experts also recommend lifting the plant to find out the weight after watering it. Such measures might help you find out the water requirements and fulfill them accordingly.

Overwatering cannabis can predispose it to fungal infections by depriving the plant of oxygen levels. Hence, try to learn about the water requirements and take care of the hydration. It helps in nourishing the plant, enhances oxygen perfusion, and creates fat bud harvests.

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2. Improper Sterilization

Before growing cannabis, you must sterilize the environment to eliminate the possible microbes. It can help in preventing common infections by fungi, mold spores, and bacteria. You can either go for the chemical or heating methods of surface sterilization to grow healthy cannabis plants. Also, try getting a high-quality air sanitization system for additional sterilization of the area. Use a dry vacuum to suck in the spillage and maintain the right amount of moisture. Such techniques are essential for maintaining a cannabis growth environment that is devoid of microbial contaminants. It ensures adequate growth and prevents infections that cease the development of cannabis buds.

Apart from sterilization of the environment, you must clean the appliances or glass reflectors as well. Take some isopropyl alcohol to sanitize the appliances and clean the grow room right away. In case you’re feeling a lack of energy after a long day of sterilization, try cbd vape juice to rejuvenate your body as well as your mind.

3. Not Using The Right Soil


One of the most important things in your cannabis cultivation is the kind of soil you use. Soil is the medium that provides hydration as well as nutrients to your growing plants. Hence, it must be free from microbes and high in nutrients. Choose a soil that is light, airy, and has a good blend of perlite in it. Such a soil texture is ideal for the growth of roots and the transportation of nutrients. Also, choose the soil that is pre-fertilized and contains essential nutrients like nitrogen, potassium, and micronutrients.

Avoid reusing the soil from potting plants as it is nutrient-deficient and might be infected. You can buy high-quality potting soils from the market to improve the quality of harvests. Don’t rely on just any soil when it comes to growing cannabis.

4. Improper Lighting


Another essential thing for the proper growth of your cannabis plants is the amount of light. The cannabis plant requires light to convert the nutrients into vital carbs for the development of energy. Hence, you need to grow the cannabis in a well-lit and well-ventilated place. If you’re growing the plant indoors, make sure to buy LED grow light and use it for lighting. Keep the light off for at least 6 hours during the vegetative phase. Also, provide at least 16 hours of lighting for the cannabis plant to flourish.

In case you choose to grow the plant outdoors, try planting it in a sunny spot. At least 8 hours of sunlight is essential for the proper growth and development of cannabis buds. With the ideal lighting, proper soil, and hydration, you can achieve a high-quality harvest.

5. Not Controlling The pH

Plant pH determines the receptivity of the plant to nutrients and water content. You need to get your hands on a pH meter or measuring drops to monitor the pH now and then. It helps you to determine the nutritional and other requirements of your plant. Also, the ideal pH levels range from 6 to 7 for the cannabis grown in soil. Hydroponics function on pH levels of 5.5 to 6.5 for faster growth and healthy buds. Ensure to measure the pH daily and adjust it using the pH up and don products available in the market. That way, you get a hassle-free and effortless cannabis variety within a short span.


Cannabis is a plant native to Central Asia that requires the right environment to grow. If you’re a beginner at cannabis cultivation, you must learn the right ways to grow cannabis. You can start by learning the watering requirements of your cannabis plant. Also, know about the various modes of sterilization to prevent infections during cannabis growth. Try to provide proper lighting irrespective of whether the plant is indoors or outdoors. You can measure the pH levels every week and adjust them to bring the pH back to normal. With the right research and implementation, you can grow healthy and fat buds in no time.

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